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Casita Mancha

Lomas de Zaragoza, Loma de Zaragoza, Guanajuato, Mexico

For Rent

$9,000.00 MXN

Property Description

Welcome to Casita Mancha, our unique and charming apartment for rent, nestled in the heart of La Presa neighborhood in the picturesque city of Guanajuato. This one-bedroom property offers a truly special living experience, combining artistic inspiration and environmental consciousness.

Situated within the main property, a renowned pottery workshop, this apartment boasts a central location in Guanajuato. You'll be right in the midst of the city's vibrant cultural scene, surrounded by historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and an artistic atmosphere that's bound to ignite your creativity.

The apartment features a cozy and well-designed layout, perfect for a tenant who values comfort and sustainability. The living room greets you with warm natural light filtering through the windows, creating a serene and inviting ambiance. A comfortable sofa and coffee table create a relaxing space to unwind or entertain guests. A writing desk positioned by the window – a perfect spot to draw inspiration from the bustling workshop atmosphere outside.

Adjacent to the living room is the kitchenette, equipped with essential appliances and utensils for your culinary adventures. A small dining table is set up nearby, providing a charming spot for meals while allowing you to immerse yourself in the artistic energy of the pottery workshop.

The bedroom offers a tranquil retreat, complete with a bed, storage space for your belongings.

Living in this apartment means you'll have a front-row seat to the pottery-making process. The workshop's creative buzz and the artisans' dedication will surely infuse your daily life with inspiration and a deeper appreciation for art.

As part of our commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, we've incorporated a composting space on the property. We invite tenants who share our passion for the environment to actively participate in composting efforts and contribute to the city's greener future.

The apartment is fully furnished with handpicked pieces that complement its artistic theme. Additionally, all utilities are included in the rent to ensure your comfort and convenience. For those with vehicles, a dedicated parking space is provided, saving you the hassle of finding street parking.

Prospective tenants should have an affinity for both art and the environment, as the proximity to the workshop and composting space is an integral part of this living experience. We're seeking individuals who will relish in the creative spirit of the property and embrace its mission to reduce waste.

If you're excited about merging art, sustainability, and a prime location in Guanajuato, this apartment is the perfect match for you. Contact us to arrange a viewing and embark on this unique living journey.

Contact Agent

Patricia Martínez-Graveley

+52 473 652 9605

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Property Location

Lomas de Zaragoza, Loma de Zaragoza, Guanajuato, Mexico

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